Frequently Asked Questions


This page has general faq about AMCC and our auctions.

Bidding FAQ

Consigning FAQ


If you have more questions about AMCC auctions, please don't hesitate to contact us!


When are the auctions held?

Auctions are held twice a year. We will post on our website and social media channels when auctions are coming up. You can sign up to be notified of upcoming auctions, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram. 

What currencies and payment methods do you accept?

Bidding takes place in Canadian dollars, and within Canada we can accept e-transfers. We also accept payment in USD, GBP, or euros through domestic bank transfers. (The amounts will be shown on your invoice). In addition, we accept Transferwise (no fee) and PayPal (with an additional 4% fee).

I have never used Transferwise. Is it a safe method of payment?

Transferwise is a large financial company with over 1000 employees. It is supervised by the standard financial regulators in each country in which it operates, and it has been used to transfer billions of dollars. 

Yes, it is safe! 

It is based on the simple idea that it is cheaper to move money domestically than internationally: instead of changing money through a bank, they simply accept your euros (for example) into their euro account, and pay us Canadian dollars out of their Canadian account. Simple, but brilliant! Join Transferwise.



Do you list fixed price coins?

No, we are an auction company only.

How do you make money if you have low listing fees?

There is a buyer's premium of 15% on each coin, and we charge consignors 6%.

Do you use a rating or review system?

No, but all bidders must be pre-approved. This process occurs when you sign up to bid at

How do you compare to eBay?

Most coins on eBay are either overpriced, or junk. Also, many fakes are sold on eBay and typically buyers have no recourse.

It is not advisable to sell your coins on eBay. Unless you have a substantial track record there, it will be difficult to earn bidders' trust because there are so many fakes on the platform. By contrast, all of the coins we carry are guaranteed genuine for life or your money back.

In addition, many bidders looking for better coins avoid eBay altogether because it is so time consuming to wade through all the overpriced coins and the junk.  

Finally, our listing fees are lower than eBay's and we offer a 120% price guarantee.