Information for bidders


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Every coin carries a lifetime guarantee of authenticity

Bid with confidence. AMCC stands behind all the coins in our auctions and we offer a lifetime money-back guarantee that every single one is authentic.

Low starting bids & no reserves

The bidding starts below market levels, and no coin has a reserve. Bargain hunters do well to place a large number of low bids, but be sure to bid strongly for coins you especially want.

Bid on museum-quality pieces & more modest coins

The main section of our auctions contains coins that cover a range of quality and starting price, and includes pieces that are museum-display quality.

Our pick-bin section features coins expected to fetch a modest sum (starting price either $10 or $20), but which still have special numismatic or historical interest, as determined by our numismatist.

The very best bidding platform

All bidding takes place on You must register at and be approved by us before you can participate in AMCC auctions. Apply to bid here.

Biddr is a tried and true auction platform with pre-bidding, proxy bidding, and live bidding. Bookmark your favourite lots and get reminders by text or email.

The different types of Bid

You can place three types of bids:

1) Pre-bid - This type of bid may be entered at any time before the live auction, and even during the live auction if the coin hasn’t yet appeared on the auction block. 

Simply enter the maximum price you are willing to pay for the lot, and the biddr system will automatically raise your bid as needed, one increment above the next highest bid, until your maximum is reached. The highest pre-bid (if any) is displayed in the coin's listing details.

2) Proxy bid - This is similar to a pre-bid, but the automatic bids are placed only during the live auction while the lot is on the auction block.

With both pre-bids and proxy bids, you can compete with live bidders without having to follow the auction live.

3) Live bid - Enter the live auction from our biddr page.  Each lot will appear on the auction block in sequence, and you can click the “bid” button to enter your bid at the next increment.  You must be online when the lot hits the block, but biddr will send you a reminder email or text message if you wish.


I want to see the listed coins well before the auction date. How do I keep track of the lots I’m interested in?

Biddr has an excellent bookmarking function. You can also choose to be signed in automatically so you don’t have to enter your password each time you check how the bidding is going on your favourite lots.

How do I know I won't buy a fake?

We guarantee for life that all the coins we sell are genuine. However, even the biggest auction houses with world class numismatists are occasionally fooled by a fake.

If a coin you buy at one of our auctions turns out to be a fake (as confirmed by a recognized numismatic expert), we will provide a complete refund. 

I have never collected ancient and medieval coins before. Where should I start?

Two excellent educational websites are Doug Smith’s Ancient Coins and Warren Esty’s Augustus Coins. The latter includes a great FAQ for beginners.

You can meet both of these excellent fellows, as well as our own numismatist, Thomas Callaway (handle: Severus Alexander), at the Coin Talk Ancients forum

Why should I use a Canadian auction venue? 

Non-Canadian bidders can take advantage of the low Canadian dollar. Meanwhile, Canadian bidders can compete on a more even footing by avoiding unfavourable exchange rates and customs charges, while also enjoying low shipping rates. (Canadians will be glad to know that we cover the GST.)

How much does it cost to ship the coins I win?

With tracking: the basic rate within Canada is $10, to USA is $15, and international is $30. 

Without tracking: the basic rate within Canada is $5, to USA is $8, and international is $15. 

Insurance is available for $2.25 per $100 of coverage. The costs may vary depending on package weight. Shipping costs will be indicated on your invoice.

Are there any other costs for bidders?

There are absolutely no hidden costs. The only costs are your bid, the buyer’s premium, and shipping. There are no transaction fees as long as you use either an e-transfer or bank transfer (in CAD, USD, GBP, or euros) or Transferwise. For Canadians, we even cover the GST!  (GST does not apply when shipping outside of Canada.)